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Spend less time writing emails

Tell Claros what key points you want to make
and it'll automatically generate the full email for you

Personalized Emails with only a few phrases

Claros is a Chrome extension, helping you write emails faster in your style. Add more data to let Claros write in your style and with your context.

Using it is dead simple:
  • Explain what you want your email to be about in a phrase or two
  • Hit the Claros button
  • Claros will write the email for you using indexed personal data to fill in any context (Pro Subscription only).

Questions? Email [email protected], we'd love to hear from you!

Monthly Pricing


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  • 100 emails / week



  • Unlimited emails / week
  • Claros learns from your email to mimic your style


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  • Unlimited emails / week
  • Claros learns from your company knowledge base
  • API Access
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